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     Kanghuntong Sense of Salt is the first production source of spa salt product in Thailand which uses Fleur de Sel or Flower of Salt as a main ingredient. We see the value of Fleur de Sel that it has many special features.

If compared with diamonds, Fleur de Sel is the highest jewel of salt.


    When the salt season began. The sea water in salt field was burned by the sun to be crystallize. this salt has 100% pure salinity or salt farmers called it "Fleur de Sel” which is the first salt crystallized on the salt field. Salt farmers must wake up early in the morning to collect Fleur de Sel. Before it sink in salt water, and the salinity is finally gone.


     The specialty of Fleur de Sel is that it is able to clean your skin daily without damaging or irritating your skin. It also get rid off your dead skin cells. Minerals are absorbed into the skin well. We select Fleur de Sel to make the best spa products for your skin.


Fleur de sel 


Mineral Skin Care in Fleur de Sel

Magnesium (Mg) Strengthens the cell membrane.

Potassium (K) Inhibits acne.

Sodium (Na) Increased flexibility.

Silva Ferreira (S) Helps to remove old skin cells.

Chloride (Cl-) To control water balance.

Calcium (ca) Protects the dryness of the skin.

Moreover Fleur de Sel has a moisture content more than the salt about 5 times, so it  can be absorbed quickly into your skin. Make your skin radiant naturally just use a few times.

So we choose Fleur de Sel to make the best spa products for your skin.

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