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Knowledgeable about

salt at Kanghuntong.


See how salt is made. The benefits of Fleur de Sel.

And the history of the “Kanghuntong" before going to salt experiment.

Watch how make spa salts.


Learn the difference between salt and Fleur de Sel.

Try mixing colour with salt to make DIY Fleur de Sel.

DIY color Fleur de Sel

Souvenir by yourself.  Only put color salt in the bottle.

To bring back to your loved ones.

 Have fun with local Thai wisdom conservation activities.

For you to experience with Fleur de Sel in every activities.



Enjoy with Salt Spa

& Touch Fleur de Sel at Kanghuntong.


 Kanghuntong Sense of Salt has several activities and services that bring you to experience with Fleur de Sel and the life of the salt farmers closely. The only salt farm tourist attraction in Thailand, To impress you never forget.

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