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Travel in Phetchaburi at Kanghuntong

   Kanghuntong Sense of Salt ,a tourist attraction in Phetchaburi nearby Bangkok, is a production source of spa salt products from the best sea salt field in Thailand.

   We carefully select the best salt that is flower of salt or Fleur de Sel in France, mix with herbs to get cleansing products which make your skin whiter and smooth from natural ingredients and Fleur de Sel.

   We bring Fleur de Sel mixs with local wisdom to become an innovative skin cleanser for beauty call Kanghuntong Sea Salt.    

   Kanghuntong comes from compound words of wind turbine and Fleur de Sel. Because wind turbine is a tool to diversion into salt field in the past. And the salt that we bring to the product is not common salt, but it is Fleur de Sel. So this place name is Kanghuntong, To let anyone never forget that salt can not happen without turbines. And Fleur de Sel we got, it was gold on the salt field. It became "Kanghuntong”

    Kanghuntong is located at Ban Laem ,a district (Amphoe) in Phetchaburi Province. Coastal route

The two sides are filled with salt piles. And salt farmers who do traditional salt field which is hard to find, So

Ban Laem district became a tourist route and photographic points that photographers like to collect memories. And tourist like to massage and spa to relax fatigue with many thai wisdom at Kanghuntong.

   Moreover Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Phetchaburi Office also held the "Art of Salt" or salt sculpture in March every year. To create a tourist experience on the salt route for tourists in Phetchaburi.

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